Some of the areas where we can help are:

Need something different? Feel free to drop us an email to explain your requirements and we’ll let you know if we have someone available who can help.

Google Apps For Business

Google Apps For Business is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.  5 million businesses Worldwide are already using Google Apps to save time and money.

Google Apps For Business costs only US$5 +GST per user, per month, or to save more money, pay annually in advance at a cost of US$50 +GST per user, per year.

How much could you benefit with Google Apps?

Benefits To Your Business included in the cost
  • 30GB Email Space and Drive Storage per user
  • 2.8 times more productive whilst mobile; you can access your email and files from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Save up to 28 hours a month per user that is normally used clearing out spam; Gmail filters out spam and protects you from unwanted viruses
  • Custom email address
  • Instant messaging in the same space as your email with no need to install extra software
  • Use voice chat not just to contact other Gmail users, but to call someone on their phone – cut phone bills without ever leaving your browser
  • Use video chat when you need to talk to someone face to face
  • Online documents that allow real time collaboration between team members; you are always working on the latest version of your document
  • Shared Calendars
  • Save on data recovery costs and downtime.  In the real World it could cost you $12 per month and take days or even weeks to recover your files.  With Google data protection is included in the monthly fee and file recovery takes 0 weeks.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • No mail server hardware to maintain
  • These are just the key features, there are many more great tools included in the *$5 that will save you time and money.
  • Contact us to find out more

 *US$5 +GST per user, per month

Gmail: Email with Google-powered search, up to 30 GB of storage, offline support, custom email addresses and much more.
Calendar: Easily schedule meetings at times that work for everyone, get meeting reminders and share calendars.
Drive: Google Drive allows you to store your files in the cloud, share them and have access to them from anywhere.
Docs: Create, share and work on documents with your whole team in real time.
Sheets: Manage spreadsheet data faster with click-to-edit charts and discussion style comments.
Slides: Create presentations together, embed videos and never press save again.

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Business Analysis

Strong business analysis skills are necessary when developing solutions, whether they are software solutions or business solutions.

To identify the best solutions for your business, our business analysts use critical thinking, requirements gathering and analysis, and their great communication skills; Additionally our business analysts may act as a liaison between your business and your solution provider.

Depending upon your requirements, some of the deliverables may be:

  • Business requirements – usually expressed in terms of broad outcomes.
  • Functional/System requirements – what the current project needs to achieve in order to meet the business requirements. This deliverable may include manual processes as well as system processes.
  • Use-Cases – functional requirements that are expanded out into detailed individual requirements that contain standard and alternate states. When well written, these are often used as the start point for test cases.
  • Non-Functional requirements – requirements that don’t perform a specific function, i.e. performance, usability.
  • Implementation requirements – requirements detailing how to transition from the current state to the future state.
  • Report specifications – Define the reports, their purposes and any attributes they require.
  • Traceability matrix – a requirements cross-matrix. High level concepts are matched to individual requirements or use cases.
  • Any other deliverables you may require.

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